About Us

About Fish Tanks & Coral

Fish Tanks & Coral in Saint George was formerly Top Notch Tanks LLC, and was started in February of 2017.

Fish Tanks & Coral is currently licensed by the City of Saint George, Utah to legally provide our services to the community.

Currently we have a Facebook page, Instagram, and our website ishtanksandcoral.com.

We are still in the process of creating a YouTube page as well as selecting a commercial store location in Saint George, UT.  

We are a locally owned family business with over 25 years experience and oversight in the hobby. All of our projects and fabrications are reviewed by an engineer and true pioneer of the saltwater world, luckily he is a member of the family.

Owner / Operator, Jacob Ahlstrom

Owner/Operator – Jacob Ahlstrom started Top Notch Tanks with one main objective, to share our knowledge and passion for saltwater aquariums. Ultimately we created this company in order to involve other families with the hobby just as we have done. We intend to have adult classes and our children intend to instruct other children on how to get involved and create a tank that will flourish with a combination of youtube videos and in store class sessions. We are determined to make it a reality to have your own piece of the ocean at home. Anything from sharks, seahorses or an extravagant community reef tanks are achievable!

Quality Customer Service

We are fully prepared to provide in home services if customers prefer hands free operations, 24/7 on-call emergency service, custom aquarium designs/fabrication, or any type of consulting related to aquariums. We have vendors with excellent pricing available as needed for all your aquarium needs.

Six Years of Experience

The past six years in town I have not been able to find great deals on products because they’re simply not here. For example if my Reeflo pump went out I couldn’t go anywhere in town to buy one. We had also been into a few saltwater stores with several dead marine life. We are here to be different! Our priority is to make sure people can do this easily, effectively, and achieve great results.

Fish Tanks and Coral staff is prepared to meet whatever your needs are and maintain a locally owned and operated family business for the benefit of our community, friends, family and of course the marine life that can potentially flourish for an even longer amount of time in aquariums than in the ocean.